Sabtu, 24 November 2012

looking for soft elements

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dress & blazer by me ; bag guess ; scarf  dian pelangi
Salam ! i'ld like to share my outfit on this photo. well actually this photo has been taken about a year ago but suddenly I checked my files and voilaaaa glad to see this photo .
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Selasa, 21 Agustus 2012

Formal Party

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what have u been up to ? :)
well now i will share about my outfit for a wedding party . but it may be wear at another formal party 
i wear Turtle neck from GDA's by Ghaida 
Wave Skirt by me ( hehe unbranded)
Glow in bad by rotello ( my mom's bag actually :D)
some of earring shop on earrings @ jambi (forgot the name )
and last my turban scarf from me :D

Here's The turban Style 'dadakan' ala YORA :p
The little things but mode our look chic :D

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Jumat, 03 Agustus 2012

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Hello bloggiieee :D . hows your ramadhan ? today i went to many store . cause honestly i am looking for some new cutie thing for id fitri but i haven't get yet ( sad ) :( 
well, tomorow i will try again and go to another store :D
i wear batwing shirt from ysn :D
cotton shawl from alfara
pants from dian pelangi 

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choco mood !

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chocolate mood ! 
coat : gaudi
long dress : bajubaliku
hijab : dian pelangi
platform : dnc shoes

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Kamis, 26 Juli 2012


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salam :) i would like to share one of the biggest hijabi event in Indonesia. hm let me explain why do i said that ? because this event involves not only Muslim women in Indonesia but also in the wholeeeee world. it is seen by the performers was very interesting. yap !! special thanks to dian pelangi for make this event , and also to teh lady dahlia for help us to get picture and say hi with beautiful dina tokio and hana tajima  (because it's really really really hard to got ) check this out  :)

   top gaudi ; scarf me ; jeans zara ; heels dnc shoes

talk show with dina tokio and hana tajima

with dina tokio
my dear hijabers community bandung
i said : hana dina , look at me , gimme a big smile :p

on of my fav fashion blogger nada , good snapped, right ? :P

OH ! THIS ONE IS MY FAVORITE !!!!! :) i'm beside Muslim who became my inspirations
dina tokio and hana tajima

well , he's one of actor in Indonesia and i think he's friendly , humble and nice . xoix

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mirror twice

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Shirt : queen
jegging : zara
bag : ELLE
platform : DNC shoes

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